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Wii Love M.O.M.

also known as Metroid: Other M

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Wii love Metroid: Other M
This here is the community dedicated solely for the hopefully awesome collaborative effort between Team Ninja and Nintendo (who together form the mysterious 'Project M'), which was announced at E3 2009, Metroid: Other M, which will be coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

This community is all about content, be it official, or unofficial, or fanworks. As long as it has something to do with Metroid: Other M, it's all right. Got a theory about what the story is about? Share it. Got a few hundred icons you made already from the E3 trailer? Share them. Got some fanart? Share it. As long as you follow the three simple rules of the community, then it's fine.

1. Put things behind cut, and warn if necessary. If it's NSFW, tell us. If it's Yuri/Yaoi (i'm not sure how, but whatever), tell us. And put it behind a cut.

2. Use appropriate tags. Here is a list, which may be updated infrequently. If what you're posting can't be posted without creating a new tag, go ahead, but don't make it you're only one. Here's the list:

Fanart, Fanfiction, Discussion, E3, Team Ninja, Project M, Icons, Graphics, Question, Mod Post, Poll, Rant, Samus.

3. Be respectful of other opinions. Do you know what this means? That means if someone likes something about M.O.M. that you don't, deal with it. But I also have another thing to say: Don't bash any other Metroid game when talking about this one. We really don't care if you didn't like the Prime games, how you were a pansy who couldn't handle first person adventuring, all we care about is Metroid: Other M.

You can disagree, but keep it respectful. I'm not a big fan of Flame Wars (that I don't start).

Other than that, post away, discuss, and have loads of fun with this community commited to Metroid: Other M.
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