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September 2010  

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It's in a what person view now?
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
10:36pm 25/02/2010
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.

Leave it to Nintendo, and the Metroid series, to invent a new nd-person-view for a video game.

It appears, according to interviews, footage, and demo players' testimony, that the game functions as a hybrid between 2d sidescrolling  Metroid goodness, and 3d 3rd/1st person gaming.

I'm sure it'll be fun, but it makes me wonder: Did they do this on purpose so they could mess with people when others want to classify what type of game it is? (similar to how Metroid Prime is a First Person Adventure).

Whatever floats their boat, I guess.
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