It! Has! Arrived!

(kinda a day late, but since I work until late hours, this was the soonest I could post, srry)

Metroid: Other M has hit the market, the shelves, and a copy has even made its way into my "grubby" little hands.

And it's amazing.

The graphics, the storyline, the music, the gameplay, all of it flows so well that I'm almost at a loss for words.

Once I've finished (as in finished, finished) the game, I'll be back with 2 reviews (probably). One spoiler-free(ish). The other spoiler-ridden.

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Well, E3 happened (hello, Kid Icarus on the 3DS), and as such we got some new intel on our favorite game.

We have a new set release date, August 31, and it's looking like that won't be changed around this time.

We also were graced by some artwork, so please click to go past the cut.
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Oops, I guess?

Been busy as of late, so lack of updates is a sad, sad result.

Not that much has happened, save for the fact that the game has been pushed back two months. Was in June, now in August.

Seriously, what is with the month of August and Metroid games?

Also, some icons made from prettyful art on Japanese Metroid site.


It's in a what person view now?

Leave it to Nintendo, and the Metroid series, to invent a new nd-person-view for a video game.

It appears, according to interviews, footage, and demo players' testimony, that the game functions as a hybrid between 2d sidescrolling  Metroid goodness, and 3d 3rd/1st person gaming.

I'm sure it'll be fun, but it makes me wonder: Did they do this on purpose so they could mess with people when others want to classify what type of game it is? (similar to how Metroid Prime is a First Person Adventure).

Whatever floats their boat, I guess.

2010 release date reconfirmed

In a recent interview with Sakamoto of Nintendo Japan, it was reconfirmed that Other M will be seeing a 2010 release date. From the feeling of the quotes, it appears we'll be getting Metroid rather close to when Japan gets it, due to the rest of the world liking Metroid series titles in the past ten years more than Nintendo's homeland.

I'm just going to direct link this, so you can find it here.