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September 2010  

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Teaser Site Intro Translation
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
05:11pm 30/01/2010
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.

"A Dream

It's as if I was watching a playback of a tragedy that really happened. "

And that's it for the translation of the opening snippet from the official site.

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Japanese Site up
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
08:40am 29/01/2010
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.

Metroid Other M Japanese site is up. Link above is a screencap of all that there is to the site.

You will find the site here.
tags: mod post
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QftA - Community Contests?
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
03:23pm 12/01/2010
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
Question from the Admin - Do the members think holding a fanwork contest (probably really close to the release date) to be a good idea? I know that the community is a little small (3 people including me, woohoo!) but it could always grow (I can dream, can't I?).

I first want to see what the members (and visitors) think about this idea. (Any and all suggestions would be appreciated)

The main reason I would like to do this is to get people excited about the game (again, or for the first time).

As I am not the most talented artist/etc., the prize would probably be a copy of the game when it's released (hence holding the contest very close to the game's launch). As this is still hypothetical (at this point), I'll leave the discussion of finding out second/third place prizes for later.

Remember, members aren't the only ones who can respond to this (though we would like you to become one), so anyone who might be interested can feel free to respond.
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Release date in 2010 reconfirmed
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
03:10pm 12/01/2010
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.

In a statment released today discussing Metroid Prime Trilogy and how it is no longer being manufactured, it was reconfirmed that 2010 will indeed be the release window for when this game is shipped.

"Nintendo’s Metroid Prime: Trilogy is the ultimate collector’s edition experience for fans of the Metroid Prime series, combining all three critically acclaimed games on one disc with Wii motion controls. Copies of the game are currently available at major retailers nationwide. The next highly anticipated offering in the Metroid franchise is Metroid: Other M, which will be available this year."

Like a lot of people, I was slightly anxious about M.O.M. getting released on time, but I think with this most of my fears are put to rest.
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Interview with Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
02:32pm 22/09/2009
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
Click to watch...Metroid talk starts at 4 24

Sorry about no embedded video. Wouldn't work with me for some reason.
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Screencaps make the world go round
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
12:39am 19/07/2009
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.

Here's some M:oM/Law and Order: Criminal Intent screencaps. Screens are of LaO:CI, words are about MOM. Enjoy.

Pics through ze cutCollapse )
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Who needs some lovin? You guys!
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
01:41am 01/07/2009
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
Since it's been awhile, (as expected this early on) I thought I'd be a kind, caring, and considerate host (not par for the course, believe me) and start up a -conspiracy discussion post-. In this post we will discuss any "conspiricies" such as crackpot theories and rumors that we've heard about the development of our eventually-to-be-treasured game.

Okay, me first. There's been a rumor floating around the interwebs that Samus and Adam have a few, shall we say, lovey dovey moments between them before he kicks the bucket and turns into a ships computer. (I personally don't see it, but I'm wondering if you guys would want to see it/ think it might happen/ heard rumors to the same effect/to the contrary)
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Miyamoto confirms that it's not 2.5d.
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
01:40pm 16/06/2009
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
Miyamoto reconfirms that Metroid: Other M is in 3rd and 1st person views only. View Video HereCollapse )
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Interviews - and my thoughts on Samus fanwork
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
08:16pm 13/06/2009
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
Found some more interviews with the developers. Nothing extremely new, but hey, we'll take what we can get till we get the game, right?

First one is at Kotaku. You can find it at this location.

Apparently, the trailer makes Other M seem a litte too violent, (I don't see how, but whatever), you can find the interview here.

-------Warning!!! Mod's thoughts!!!! Pure Opinion!!!-------------

As much as I love Samus, in her role in her games, and her aesthetic in her suit and zero suit, I've found myself growing sick of some of the weirder artworks I've seen of her on deviantart. You all know the ones of which I speak. The one's where she's drawn in ridiculously gross fashions (ginormous breasts, arms, etc.). Please tell me I'm not the only person out there who is appalled by these disturbing pictures.

Yes, I know people have the freedom to draw whatever they want, but when it comes to that kind of stuff, nobody really wants to see it.
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Another Reggie Interview
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
12:25pm 11/06/2009
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
View Video Through CutCollapse )
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