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September 2010  

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(no subject)
 wiilovemom - (karkashan)
11:45am 16/06/2010
karkashan posting in Wii Love M.O.M.
Well, E3 happened (hello, Kid Icarus on the 3DS), and as such we got some new intel on our favorite game.

We have a new set release date, August 31, and it's looking like that won't be changed around this time.

We also were graced by some artwork, so please click to go past the cut.

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(no subject)
03:56am 18/06/2010 (UTC)
PK Thunder!: dark metroid
I am so very satisfied with the way Samus looks. I was afraid we'd never get away from the Echoes/Corruption/SSBB version of her without the suit.

Glad we're not forgetting it's not the Prime series anymore :)
picword: dark metroid
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